Where generalists become internal product managers

We invest in smart and skilled generalists and provide them with career-defining projects and long term engagements at startups with big (read: really big) dreams.

We know who you are. Because if you're here, you're us.

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You’ve spent your career as a doer.
You are endlessly ambitious, always pushing yourself and your peers to be better both pragmatically and empathetically.
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You’ve been professionally dexterous.
You thrive in early ambiguity and the messy middle. If it hasn’t been done before, you figure out the most efficient and effective way to do it, building key systems along the way.
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You’re known as a driver.
You think one step ahead of others. You take initiative, you’re asked to do something, you’ve probably done it already.
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You give a damn.
You’re super passionate about what you’re working on and give your full self to whatever that may be. When someone works with you, they get so much more than what’s on paper. They get someone who really cares.
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And you’re discerning.
You've built your career (or want to) out of taking chances, following opportunities, and supporting innovative change-makers.

Here's What You Were Before

You’ve likely been defined as one of these things – something “operations”, Former founder/co-founder, Chief Of Staff, Community Manager/Director, Business Analyst, General Manager, CEO, Office Manager or Executive Assistant, Strategist, Business Development Manager/Director, Project Manager, Product Manager, Management Consultant, “Cross-functional”, Startup Generalist.

Here's Where You're Going With Us

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Unique Opportunities

From project-based work to full-time support, work with a team whose flexible engagements flex to your career.

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Professional Stability

Our generalists have a life-long home with us. Go explore new things; we'll welcome you back into our collective following each opportunity.

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Skill Advancement

We learn to earn, and make professional development the center of what we do. Each opportunity builds on the next.

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Career Identity

Work with others like you who are defining the professional of internal product management.

Here's How You Get Started With Us

Apply To Join

We'll ask you some key questions about the way you work and your intersecting skills to make sure we'd bring you as much value as you'll get out of being part of the crew.

Connect with our team

Meet other generalists and learn about the opportunities we champion, and the work that we do.

Join our Weekly Cohorts

Be with our team to understand how we work differently. Once we both feel the fit, we'll welcome you into the fold and get you doing your thing with us.

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"jack of all trades, master of none... but oftentimes better than master of one"

Are you of All Trades?

We accept rolling applications and can’t wait to meet you. Whether you are fresh in the professional world and are ready to learn or have experienced a full career, we’re always on the lookout for those looking for a place where their strategic execution has direct effect on the outcomes of the whole. Because if you’re here, that’s who you are.

"... but oftentimes better than master of one..."
"... but oftentimes better than master of one..."
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Let our generalists do their thing to your startup.