Your operating partner to build a better foundation
for scale

Our Generalists drive impact by serving as a primary operator and extending a founder’s reach by being “first-in-seat” or “owning a gap.”

of All Trades is a new model for startups to build, scale, and grow.

We are generalists-as-a-service for founding teams who need multi-functional doers.

You turned your idea into a startup

With unending determination (and far too many cups of coffee), your post idea-stage and actually running a startup.

Your startup is too good to fail

You’ve solved a problem and met an unmet market need and now you’re growing.

But things are starting
to get messy

You're operating in startup chaos, and your hardworking self and team need a better way to scale.

And you need help

We are expert operators-in-residence so that founders and founding teams can scale
their operations

We're integral,
not fractional

Growth pain points seem endless and traditional methods for resolution no longer work.

We believe that strong internal product management (IPM) 
is the foundation to scale

IPM is the art and science of delivering business impact by coordinating tools, processes, and people to work cohesively together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Where do
we go from here? 


We’ll start with a founder to founder conversation to identify your biggest areas of need and if a generalist or specialist will make the most impact


Once you identify you need a generalist, we’ll build (or rebuild) internal systems and solve immediate pain points so you can move at startup speed


No “greats” succeed alone. Our generalist becomes an operator-in-residence and your all-hands everything
wherever required.


As you grow and business needs change, so do we!
We’ll continue to be there as long as you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a generalist?

Generalists own the gaps and solve problems that trip up great founders while scaling their startups. Here’s How

How long do you stay?

At each stage, we adapt based on the new scope and needs.
P.S. Our startup retention rate is 100%

Who do you work with?

We find the most success working with startups with a headcount in the range of 2-10, but being strong generalists, we are flexible and adaptable.

In the founders words

When you partner with oAT, we’ve got you covered.

If you need full time hands to get started or make it between fundraising rounds, we offer engagements to help bridge those gaps. And, we offer both project and retainer-based work for less than the cost of a full time hire.

While you’re thinking about it, learn from our team of expert generalists sharing how We Do things here at of All Trades via our weekly newsletter.

I'm ready
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how We Do

A deep dive into the art and science of being an expert generalist. Actually actionable insights into how internal product managers help to untangle the early days of a startup.

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