Your startup needs a better foundation for scale - and the hands to build it.

We're the "can-you-take-this-off-my-plate?" team that provides flexible, skilled hands from generalists who know how to untangle these early days.

Here's how you and your founding team got to us.

We know where you're at, and the power of harnessing the messy magic of beginnings.

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Your idea is a startup now.
With unending determination (and far too many cups of coffee), your post idea-stage and actually running a startup.
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Your startup is too good to fail. 
You’ve solved a problem and met an unmet market need. And the more people experience it, the more of a difference it makes. Growth is good.
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But things are getting messy.
You're operating in startup chaos, and your hardworking self and team needs a better way to scale.
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You need help.
You need an operating partner, a strong internal product, and a process to get you there. (You know where this is going.)
image of the cooperator model job to be done for startups comparing cooperators like of all trades, agencies, consultancies, fractional firms, and freelancer marketplaces

We're not fractional. We’re integral. 

Our cooperator brings generalists with intersecting skills into the key organizational gaps of your startup. We're your flexible operating partner that helps you systemize and scale.

Here's How We Get Started

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Strategy Assessment

Reach out and we'll kick off a founder to founder assessment on your biggest areas of need, and if a generalist or specialist will make the most impact.

Icon execution and production
Setting Foundations

If we're what you need, we'll start by building (or rebuilding) your foundational internal product and solving your immediate pain points so you can move at startup speed.

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People Integration

We'll work to become an integral member of your team, and be your all-hands everything wherever required.

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Flexing with Scale

As your needs change, so does our work. We'll continue to be there as long as you need us.

Our cooperator is your startup's shapeshifter.

We meet you where you're at

We love that “cooperate” is baked into our model name. Cooperation means we’re flexing with you, working as seamlessly as if we’re an internal hire.

Nothing is out of scope.

Things change all too often in startup land. Our team takes the generalist burden off of your specialist hires and let them focus on what they do best. We cover the rest.

With you from now 'til ?

We are experts at supporting teams from 2-10. As your startup grows, we'll still be there picking up work in the seams.

P.S. We haven't lost a partner yet. At each stage, we shift with their new scope and needs.

Cooperation means we’re execution and strategy, working as seamless as your existing team.

For the in-between needs, we offer both project and retainer-based work for less than the cost of a full time hire. But if you need full time hands to get started or make it between fundraising rounds, we offer engagements to help bridge those gaps. When you scale beyond the needs of your current engagement, no need to manage the uncomfortable turnover of a full time employee. We bring our generalists back to us and you get the right level for your next stage. We’ve got you covered, always. 

We love our startups, and are humbled that they feel the same.

"... but oftentimes better than master of one..."
"... but oftentimes better than master of one..."
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Let our generalists do their thing to your startup.