We're on a mission to reinvent outdated systems to build better things.

What was true two years ago isn't true anymore. The way we build, how we identify as professionals, the definition of a "team" or "company", the structure of work: it's all up for reinvention. Our work sits at the intersection of people and process, and we seek to be leaders at this intersection.

We commit to...

Icon strategy and marketing
…reinvent the traditional org structure.

Small teams set the foundation for big teams. We believe that by defining generalists and specialists more clearly in the early days, we’ll build enduring businesses.

Icon execution and production
…make workflows essential to work.

We seek to be students of process, and redefine what it means to be an operator in a technology-driven yet people-focused world.

Icon brand identity
…reimagine what it means to be an operating partner.

We’re borrowing from dying paradigms, and restructuring them to give ideas people the support they need to make extraordinary things and bring more of them to life.

Icon product design
…provide a career path for generalists.

We’ve seen a rising tide of literature and thought leadership around the importance of generalists. We exist to meaningfully add to the conversation, and build a place for them to grow.

Icon product design
…rethink who does what.

Supporting diversity of thought is essential to our model. We believe that comes from diversity of experience, beliefs, gender expression, age, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Divergent thinkers critically and fundamentally change businesses, and we aim to provide them career-defining opportunities.

Icon product design
…challenge our own assumptions -- always.

We are confident that our model solves a two-pronged problem, but that doesn’t mean we’re always right. We exist to bring a better “how” to the “what”s and “why”s. That  “how” will change with data. We will remain ever-nimble, and welcome thoughtfully-presented ideas that prove us wrong.

It's time to embed a
generalist on your team